Access Art is an after school arts organization in the Morrell Park neighborhood of Baltimore, MD. Access Art provides a safe space for middle school youth to go after school to express themselves artistically. They go on educational field trips throughout the year, participate in a summer program, and make art projects of many varieties. I was one of the Visual Arts Instructors for a year where I implemented collaborative art projects that engaged them with the community and strengthened relationships with their peers.
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Our CommuniTree collaborative art project. Fall 2017. Leaf rubbings and felt on paper.
Legacy: Chairs spray painting. Spring 2018.
Legacy: Shades. Shade 1. Summer 2018.
Legacy: Shades. Shade 2. Summer 2018.
Our Ideal Community. Cardboard and mixed media. Fall 2017.
Our Ideal Community. Cardboard and mixed media. Fall 2017.
Working on collages for personalized sketchbooks. Fall 2017.
Voting time for a field trip. Fall 2017.
Co-teaching. Spring 2018.
Writing description for Recycled Mandala. Fall 2017.
Book Art Exhibit. Summer 2018.
Book Art Dress. Summer 2018.
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