She is Love. 2018. Yarn on burlap. 12"X12". This "quilt square" was a response to a class discussion about sexuality and the #MeToo movement. It represents LGBT love, heartbreak, and empowerment.
Mandala. 2017. Wood, porcelain, nails, metal, and bottle caps. 5'X4'. Found objects in East Baltimore to create a "mandala" in shape of a construction symbol representing displacement in East B'more.
Medusa Book. 2018. Linoleum print, acrylic ink, book pages, and wax on mulberry paper. 26"X19". This paper is cut and can be folded into a book. It tells the true story of Medusa, who is not a monster.
Perfect Freedom. 2017. Book pages, twine, bottle caps and acrylic on wood.
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