The Youth Economic Group is a youth-run cooperative in the Catskills of New York. The group is comprised of several high school youth in Sullivan County ranging from 14-19 years old. Through their business, Bags for Justice, they create their own designs based on social justice issues they care about and silk-screen them onto bags and shirts. I worked with them for a year to assist in their business growth, provide mentorship, and support their artistic processes.
Visit their website to learn more!

Journaling workshop where members of the community could come and decorate their own journal. Spring 2014.
New YEG Logo Jessie helped to create.
Tabling at the NACL Weather Project event.
Brainstorm session for new logo.
Youth Entrepreneurship Symposium, Fall 2014.
Work day, summer 2014.
New YEG Logo screen. Summer 2014
Why/Why Not? Bag designs. Summer 2014.
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